March 31st

I love to watch my man work. Something about mowing a lawn, or fixing a car, or ripping out a toilet, screams masculinity!!!im000969_edited-1.jpg And as you can see, he is loving every second of this!!! yes.gif As the husband went to go mow, I said I was going to get a shower, but when I got up there, a snuggle with the daughter sounded much better. The lawn mower started….it sounded awful. More like someone was gunning the weed eater, but I tried hard not to pay attention, and called the daughter to see if she would like to snuggle with me. Of course, she said yes, because 1. my bed is huge, 2. my bed is soft, and 3. I have fluffier covers! rolleyes.gif The lawnmower is sounding worse, and I said to the daughter “that lawnmower sounds sick”. She agreed, and we laid down and began chatting like moms and daughters do. Then all of a sudden, the lawnmower just stopped. Now you must understand that my husband is not mechanically inclined, and whenever something breaks, he immediately comes to me. I grew up with a mechanical father, and he taught me some things, but I think my kids drained every last drop of it all out through the womb! So, I looked at the daughter and said “dad will come in here and say the lawnmower is broken, and I will tell him that the gas has water in it and he needs to put an additive in it. Sure enough, we heard footsteps on the porch, and the door opened. I gave her a knowing smile. Up the stairs he came, and the daughter grinned back at me. However, what proceeded out of his mouth was not what I was expecting. He said “dear, ~~I tossed the daughter another smile~~ where is the blade for the mower?” I said “what???”just a bit bewildered. He said “I have been mowing for 20 minutes and I noticed that the grass didn’t look any different, so I wondered if there was something wrong with the mower. I looked under the deck and there isn’t a blade under there” at this point he is miffed because I am laughing. It seems that the last time the boy went over to his grandpa’s, he took the mower blade to be sharpened, and just hadn’t put it back on yet because he didn’t want it to rust.

Have you mowed your lawn yet?  if not, you just might want to check your blade.

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8 thoughts on “March 31st”

  1. *pitches giggle fit that scares the dc*
    Oh my! I’m wiping tears from my eyes. no blade.
    I love men doing masculine things too. I get a little weak in the knees, Dh knows it too and walks round the house saying words like “lumber”,”wrench” and “cordless drill” in his come hither voice….just makes me laugh.

    He mowed the lawn two weeks ago and it already needs it again!

  2. I would have laughed, too, even though my husband never comes to me for mechanical advice.
    I like men in uniform with big guns. 😆 My husband was a military man for 20 years and is now going to be a deputy sheriff. Oh, happy me!

  3. Now, doesn’t everyone always check underneath for a blade before you mow?? 😀 😀

    Funny, you wrote this now!!! We have 2 riding mowers (hand-me-downs) & 1 push mower. None of them work!!! He knows how to fix them, but they are so old, there are no parts available any more! We are going shopping today. DH wants a riding one & a push one. (We have a huge yard)

    I love watching him work, too. Such “manliness”!! Usually you can find me sitting nearby (or helping) when he is working on something!

  4. 😆

    No we haven’t mowed yet but that’s because there is snow covering all the grass at this time. Spring hasn’t yet arrived in Alaska as of yet. I’ll know that spring is truly here when the ravens are gone.

    The mowing is male territory around here. It is DH’s job to check the blade to sharpen or replace it. DS does the mowing around here.

  5. Funny!
    We have just gotten rid of the snow ( some still peaking through) but there is no grass the colour green yet.

    I am the mower of the lawn here. It takes close to 7 hours to do it all and I love it. Free exercise and no one bothers you. Just put the headphones on and listen to your favourite music while walking. Great stuff- can’t wait.! That’s till it has to be done every week. Will be speaking a different tune then.


  7. That is hilarious Tanya. It sounds like something that would happen here. I would be furious if I had spent 20 minutes cutting just to find out there were no scissors in my hands. hahahaha. Poor guy. You did make him a special dessert for his troubles, right?

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