March 30th

The boy got his first paycheck today. He was so cute/funny with it. He said to me “it feels so good to work again” and I asked him if he enjoyed getting a paycheck. He said yes he did. And the first thing that he has purchased with it………..a cell phone! phone.gif  rolleyes.gif

I have been  sickbed.gif  all day.  I have been taking Zicam like clockwork, and it hasn’t gone to my head, just my throat.  I really sound awful.  How do I know?  Because my loving family has told me so!

We are going to mom and dad’s for Easter.   They always hide the kids Easter baskets in the house, and it is something that they always look forward to, every year.  Truth be told, so do I.   Do you have any special traditions for Easter?

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One thought on “March 30th”

  1. I like Easter baskets too! Especially if there is chocolate. I sent my grandchildren some candy and the movie “Happy Feet”. When my mom was in good health she used to make us all a basket for Easter. I miss that. I miss her being in good health. I just miss her being down here with me, but I know she’s in good hands with your mom and dad. I am so grateful to them.

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