March 29th


Today I find myself totally, firmly, and wholeheartedly  in possession




I don’t want it!

I am not thankful!!!

I didn’t ask for it, and I want to give it back to the person responsible for giving it to me.  If I knew who it was, believe me I would give it back!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, and the daughter and I took a nap outside on our back deck in the sun.  I could have definitely slept longer.  The daughter went out later and slept for another hour.   This was after our tea party.  She is so enamored with tea, tea parties, tea cakes, tea pots and tea cups.

Have you ever been to a proper tea?

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7 thoughts on “March 29th”

  1. I’m sorry you have a cold, but let me just say, “it wasn’t me”. Sleeping on the back deck sounds divine. Sometimes I sneak a nap on our front porch in the swinging couch thing. I know they have a name, but it is not coming to mind right now.

    I have done proper brunches, but never a proper tea. I think they require crumpets, fresh raspberries, and little cucumber sandwiches. 🙂

  2. I have a beautiful book that you mother gave to me Tanya, several years ago. It is titled “if Teacups Could Talk”. I will bring it sometime and show Kirsten. There are some good recipes in it too!

  3. I am sorry you have a cold. 😦 I hope it goes away soon.

    Yes, I have been to a proper tea. It was given by a friend of mine, and I helped serve. It was actually for our homeschool group. It was very nice. 🙂

  4. Yup, as a citizen in a former British colony (not that America isn’t, but I think Americans must have dumped their tea-drinking heritage in the Boston harbor or something. 😉 ), I have been to many proper teas.

  5. Sorry about the cold. I’m not sure if what I’ve got is a cold or allergies, but I know that I didn’t give it to you.

    Napping in the sun sounds heavenly and I would love to do it but I’ll wait until it’s warm enough to walk out on the deck barefoot.

    As for tea, well a couple of years ago for mother’s day there was a mother-daughter tea at church. I’m not a tea drinker though so…..

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