March 27th

A friend of mine called today. It was so very good to hear from her. It was wonderful to chat with her and just to forget about my worries for a bit. Thanks for calling!!! hug2.gif
School is going better than I thought for the boy. I was concerned that since his job is during the morning and early afternoon, that we might struggle to get school done, or that he wouldn’t have enough brain left to do school with after work, but he is doing really well, and I am very proud of him.

The boy took another picture for me. I photoshopped this one too. I have been spending way to much time photoshopping pictures. I wish I knew more about it.

***edited to say that the picture decided to run off to cyberspace with the dish and the spoon, never to be seen again!***

Isn’t spring the most wonderful time of the year? Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

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5 thoughts on “March 27th”

  1. Glad that work and job are working out will for the boy. He must have learned from school how to pace himself. 🙂

    As for spring cleaning…. It is my belief that you shouldn’t do the deep heavy cleaning that stirs up dust and such until you can open up the windows and doors w/o worry of freezing to death. So since it’s not here yet so I haven’t started.

  2. My spring cleaning will start after I get mom and sis moved out. The house we wanted fell through so we are still looking.

  3. I have started the spring cleaning. I love it when you can open the doors and let the cool air in. We are still below freezing at night but the sun in the day is refreshing.

    This week it was to wash and put away all the heavy sweaters, coats, winter mucklucks ( boots). So the clothes line has been full of laundry each day just to pack away till next winter.

    Next week the basement. Grudge!

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