March 26th

Spring has sprung in my yard. The boy went out and took this picture for me.


Today was a boring, normal day. Everyone needs a boring, normal day every so often. I need them more often than not.
I figured up today that we have about 4-7 weeks left for school of this year. 4 weeks in most subjects, except that most beloved subject….

algebra gunfire.gif will go on and on and on for 7 horrendous more weeks. I always liked school growing up. My sister and I would play school in the summer, and I couldn’t wait to get new pencils, paper and notebooks for the coming year. Everything was all fresh and clean and new. What was your favorite subject?

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  1. WOW! How beautiful…. I love bulbs…. My kids keep trying to get me to buy flowers….but I can’t until I get the inside done….I will live vicariously through your garden!

  2. Beautiful flowers.

    My favourite subject at school? I had a lot. I lonved English/Lit, history (more ancient history than modern), loved chemistry and physics (though loved chem more) and I really liked Math. (but not as much as the other subjects. ) I wish I had liked geography.
    I was on the debate team and I was a sports captain and on the student council. I loved school.
    I was also head of our dining table. (I went to boarding school) And I loved Chapel. We had chapel every night, our dining groups were called Ref groups, and each week a different Ref group was in charge of running chapel. I loved it.

  3. Flowers .. I can’t wait for flowers, we’re still under cover of snow in some parts of Maine here. I loved school. It was the only place I excelled. I am not athletically or socially proficient!! Math, I loved math for there was always a correct answer and Physics was great fun too!!

  4. I wish I could grow flowers. I most definately do not have a green thumb. My dad could grow anything, but I didn’t inherit that skill!

    Favorite school subject? In high school, I think it was business Math & business English. When I got a job at age 16, I was in a program that allowed us to get out of school a few hours early. (we got credit for having a job) That class taught all business stuff. I really liked that!!!!

  5. The flower is so pretty. I am waiting for my tulips to bloom, but I am not sure if they will or not.

    Math was my favorite, for the same reason as Marcia said. There is always a correct answer. Math is what it is.

  6. I love the picture! I am a ‘flower person’. Just looking out in the yard and seeing the flowers bloom help me thru my day.

    My favorite subject: PE


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