March 25th

So, the boy comes to me this afternoon and asks if I would please allow him to change the oil in my car. OH! Yeah!!! You betcha, I’ll let him! It has been needing it for quite some time, but the husband just doesn’t have the time. I feel guilt for asking him to change the oil when he is so exhausted all the time, but it needs done.

Pure bliss……..aside from the Hershey Kiss that I let melt in my mouth, there is another thing that sends me almost into the very same state of pure bliss. What is it that sends my face to smiling and my insides jumping for joy??? Very simply it is hanging laundry outside, barefooted for the first time of the year. To have the sun shining down, the grass tickling your ankles, and the earth…..slightly squishy under your feet. To hear the birds song, and to know that your laundry will be dry in hours instead of days……..ahhhh the wonder……the glory of it all.


Whilst I frittered my time away in stuff mart this evening, I didn’t walk down any special isle, I sat on a bench and people watched. Did you know that there are 3 predominant ways to push a cart? yep! There sure is yes.gif . 1. Regular pushing, 2. The Lean, and 3. The Pull-Along. There are a few variations within these categories, but these are the 3 main ones. In the regular pushing, you can push with 1 hand, or gripping one side and barely using the other hand. In the Lean, you either have the full hunched over lean or the partial lean. With the pull-along, you can either walk beside the cart, or walk in front of it, dragging it behind you. How do you drive your cart around stuff mart???

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8 thoughts on “March 25th”

  1. How do you manage to have such green grass so early?? Our yard gets washed away when it rains. What little grass we do have, well, doesn’t look like yours!! 🙂 If I ever get a camera, you could see it.

    As far as the cart, I think I do 2 of the 3. Usually “regular”; if my back or knee is hurting, it’s the “lean”; I don’t think I ever do the “pull”. (DH does that)

  2. I was just thinking that I should get a digital camera too. I keep using dd’s just to post pictures.

    I agree with the green thing. We are stuck in muck up here. Mud everywhere. Looking forward to some green stuff, even if it requires cutting. I call cutting the grass me time. I can’t hear anyone calling me. Just me and the head phones.

    Shopping carts! Hate the darn things especially in Wal-mart. The isles are too narrow to have two pass each other. Hence I only use them at the grocery store. Always in a rush I am the two hand model running about.

  3. What a beautiful picture!

    I love hanging my laundry outside also. 🙂 There’s nothing like that feeling of being outside in the sunshine. 🙂

  4. Your clothesline looks comical to me. It’s like an umbrella that’s been blown inside out in the wind. (Mine is the opposite, mine is more umbrella like.)

    I’m not sure how I push my cart. (we call them trolleys) I seem to have a knack for finding the one with the wheel that WILL fall off or the one that pulls to the side so you have to steer it using the handle and pushing the side of the cart… I guess my answer is that I push it with great difficulty. 😆

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