March 22nd

One of the things that I look forward to in the winter time is to peel the plastic off the windows.  It is just fun!  Then we throw open all the windows and let the fresh air in.  That is what we did this morning. It is so wonderful to bring the outdoors inside.  To hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping, and  yeaahh.gif….a lawnmower starting?  Sugar was happy too!im000925.JPG

The daughter and I had begun~~before the boy got his job~to go out and get a pot of tea on Thursday’s at the Serenity Tea House.  We didn’t go last week because we didn’t want to fluster the boy, but we went today.  I took my camera along. biggrin.gif 

When you walk into the store, immediately to your left,  there is room for about 3 small~read 2 person~ tables on a raised platform.  This is where we were sitting.  You can see the boy getting our water. im000926.JPG   I then took a picture of the rest of the store…if you look to the very left of the picture, that will be the very right of the next picture.  It is a very narrow and long place, but it is nice and cozy. 

im000927.JPG Oh…look, do you see the boy walking toward the back.  I didn’t realize that I had gotten him in both pictures.

Since we are talking tea today, I must ask……what is your favorite flavor of tea?  Now I know that many of you are staunch “coffee only” drinkers…….but you have to at least like Lipton. tea2.gif

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  1. Very nice tea house.

    I’m not a tea drinker unless you count iced teach and in that area I like fruit flavored teas. In the warm weather I like to make sun tea and I use the fruit flavored teas to make it.

  2. I drink mostly tea. My favourites are Twinnings and Dhilmmah. Twinning make the best Earl grey (and I adore Lady Grey tea also) but we drinnk mostly Twinnings English Breakfast tea here, loose leaf from a teapot. I do use teabags during the day unless I have company. but every night Dh and I have a cup of proper tea together.

    I love herbal teas also. Chai tea is one of my favourites, (Dh hates it) and there is a tea I drink in the winter called Winter Blues. I mix it with Pao Darco (which is an immune booster- it looks like shredded bark and tastes like it if you drink it on it’s own) and drink it when I am sick. The kids hate to admit to having a cold cause I make them drink it too….it’s an aquired taste. (I also make a bath with it, just inhaling it helps.)

  3. This coffee drinker likes Irish Breakfast tea when I drink it hot; sometimes with a bit of honey and milk.
    Luzianne for iced tea; unsweet.

    I am glad your DS works in such a nice place. 🙂 Has he talked about what he is learning on the job?

  4. Salada for morning teas to wake up, or in the evening before bed. Funny how tea can both arouse and calm. If I’m in the mood to treat myself, well then it’s definitely a chai.

  5. Don’t drink the stuff. My mother -outlaw has been trying to get me to for 35 years now. Still can’t bring myself to anything but sweet ice tea. Sorry But I do go to tea rooms!

  6. My favorite tea is Earl grey. Also any tea,but GREEN. Jarrod tries to get me to drink it. He tells me of all the good points. I really do try, but can’t. I drink at least six cups of tea a day. I would love to go to a little tea shop. We used to have one in Springfield,but you know what happens to places in Springfield.

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