March 16th

Have you ever heard of wood wick candles? They are wonderful! It has a wooden reed as the wick, and it sounds delightful as it burns!  The husband got me one for Christmas.  It is caramel scented, and I love it.  This is the first candle that I have ever burnt that smells just as good 1/2 way through the candle as it did in the beginning.   It makes the entire house smell good…….even the other floors.   Just delicious!!!

We are learning about table settings, the proper way to set a table, how to make a menu, table linens, flat ware, etc.  in home ec  right now.  I am learning things that I have never been taught.   I am really enjoying this.   The culmination of this is an evening dinner lab.  The kids will set the menu, type it, set the table all fancy-schmancy,  cook it and serve it.  The daughter wants to invite people over as a dinner party type thing.  The boy says an emphatic “NO!”

While I was outside today, I noticed that my yellow1.gif , tulipspink.gif, and my hyacinth have all popped up.  I can not wait till they bloom.  Generally by Easter I have lovely color back in my yard.   The daughter’s lavender made it though the winter as well.   A new seed catalog came in the mail today, and she has already marked it up with all the flowers she wants to plant.

Speaking of Easter, the daughter and I went window shopping for a dress for her for Easter.  None of the shops that we went in had Easter dresses.  They had little old lady dresses, and dress pants.   What is up with that???  Don’t people dress up anymore?

Now for my lesson…

23.  The Complaining Tongue

A legitimate complaint can only be resolved if you direct it to the one who can change your situation.  Only a few people who are dissatisfied, annoyed or upset by an experience actually take steps to officially complain about it to the person with whom they are complaining about.  They prefer to waste time soliciting others to grumble with them.  Because complaining is contagious, this is a hard habit to cure.  If you are a complainer, you must start to resist the constant “ain’t it awful” party.  Trust me; others will be glad you did too.

Psalm 142:1-2~~I cry aloud with my voice to the Lord; I make supplication with my voice to the Lord, I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare my trouble before Him.

24.  The Retaliating Tongue

There is nothing as easy as verbal retaliation.  Of course, the thrill of it is only a fleeting pleasure fo those who love God; the remorse for giving in to sin tends to linger.

1 Peter 3:9~~Never repay evil with evil.  Never repay insult with insult.  Instead pay them back with a blessing.  That is what God wants you to do, and He will bless you for it.

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6 thoughts on “March 16th”

  1. I’m so glad your bulbs are coming up! That’s great! Good luck finding a dress for Kirs. I went looking for myself recently, and I found the old lady dresses and I found the bar hopping dresses, but I didn’t find any regular old church dresses, let alone an Easter dress.

  2. I have never heard of those type of candles before. They sound wonderful!!! Where do you get them?

    Little old lady dresses huh? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen much in the way of Easter dresses in any of the stores. I don’t know?!!

    Personally I think you should have the dy gang over for your dinner party… I mean, someone has to grade them if its for home ec right? LOL!!!!

  3. I just had to chuckle as I read, in this order:

    “What is up with that??? Don’t people dress up anymore?

    Now for my lesson…

    23. The Complaining Tongue…”

    😆 😉 I do understand, though. Finding nice dresses for my daughter is quite difficult, as well. They’re either entirely inappropriate or ugly as sin. I haven’t even started looking for Easter dresses yet. I’d better get moving!

    As for the wood wick candles, I bought one for a friend for Christmas, but never followed up with her to see how she liked it. I’m glad to hear they’re as wonderful as I’d hoped! 😀 I almost bought one for myself, but I’d already spent enough that day. I just may have to go back and get one now. 😉

  4. I’m not allowed to burn candles. DH says. What Dh doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him. I do it at least twice a week to get that fresh smell in the house. Love Partylite candles!!!

    Isn’t it awful how people don’t dress up for Christ’s Memorial Dead? I find it very hard to buy clothes for the youngest daughter. She is a size 12 girls, and I have found three dresses in the whole city for her to wear. We bought a bright yellow one. If she was a little girl there is a ton of stuff, but not older girls.

    As a youngster my mother and I always made new shirts for the males, and new dresses for us and the first day you wore it was at the Easter weekend. It was spring a new beginning. I have kept that tradition and all my children and DH have new outfits ( not all handsewn). I am starting a dress for me today.

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