March 15th

Ladies……….the weather man is so confused.  I just know he is, and I can do a much better job!!!  Why do I say these things?  Yesterday, yes it was raining, but it was warm.  I was walking around in short sleeves!  Today, well……. today it snowed!!!  thinking.gif  Please join me in my letter writing campaign to my local weather man, letting him know that it should not have snowed today….that it should have been much warmer, and I am not happy about it!   Thank you for your kind support!

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, there was never enough to eat.  Especially when we lived in Houston.  Dad went to college, and worked on campus.  Ma worked 3 jobs, and we were always hungry……at least I was.  I rarely remember being full.  I do remember that ma always made wonderful meals out of what we did have, and tonight, I made her cheesy potato soup.    It always says comfort to me.  I will put the recipe in my recipes.

I got The King Arthur’s Cookie Companion from the library.  The boy seems to think I need to purchase it for him….silly boy!  Anyway, both kiddos have  gone through the book marking special  pages of recipes that they INSIST they can not live without!rolleyes.gif  Tonight the daughter and I made Vintage Butterscotch Bars on page 190.  They boy said it best “who knew non-chocolate brownies could taste that good!”  These are BY FAR THE BEST blond brownies that I have ever tasted.   It calls for walnuts, but I find that pecans go much better with butterscotch, so we used pecans instead.   Good choice!

The boy is also making truffles.  He put toffee bits in this batch.  We will be sending some to a friend’s husband who is stationed on the USS John C. Stennis.  She said that it is hot over there, and it will end up as a truffle blob, but who cares………’s chocolate!!! biggrin.gif  The boy wants it to be surprised, so Tressa, if you haven’t told him yet, please don’t.

I hope everyone is getting something out of these lessons on the tongue.  I sure have.  Although I am not enjoying how convicting it is…blush.gif

21.  The Self-Absorbed Tongue

Are most of your conversations with others centered on you and your issues?  A self-absorbed tongue will surely alienate others as almost everyone desires to be the focus of attention occasionally.  I had a friend who whom I spoke regularly to, with the hope of mutually sharing our individual concerns.  It didn’t take long before I realized that there was nothing mutual about our exchange.  The minute I would mention one of my personal concerns, she would immediately identify with it through her own experience and suddenly the focus of the discussion was all about her.

Philippians 2:4~~Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

22.  The Cursing Tongue

Using profane, obscene, or vulgar language is unbecoming to a child of God and ruins His witness.  Understanding that profanity resides in the heart helps us to reject the idea that a curse word “slipped” out of our mouth.  The reality is that it slipped our of the heart.  Only God can cleanse a person’s heart.  We must practice the mental discipline of casting down profane thoughts in our hearts and minds as well as our mouths.

James 3:10~~Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing.  My brethren, these things ought not to be so.

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6 thoughts on “March 15th”

  1. Your weather must have something to do with summer’s insistance of not leaving here. It rained this morning, but now it’s steamy and yuk.

    I’m sorry it snowed on you today. I know how much you are looking forward to Spring.

  2. Tanya…..I’m sorry about the snow….It must be exciting seeing your flowers coming up.
    I have enjoyed, well not so much as enjoyed but been put under conviction over your lessons on the Tongue.
    I really felt convicted on the “Self Absorbed Tongue”, I can see me having done that in the past…..and I am sorry for the times I have done that to you…I don’t want to say “If I have done that”…I am sure I am guilty of it at some point.I think we all have a tendency to do that, just that some do it on purpose and others are not aware they are doing it.

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