March 31st

I love to watch my man work. Something about mowing a lawn, or fixing a car, or ripping out a toilet, screams masculinity!!!im000969_edited-1.jpg And as you can see, he is loving every second of this!!! yes.gif As the husband went to go mow, I said I was going to get a shower, but when I got up there, a snuggle with the daughter sounded much better. The lawn mower started….it sounded awful. More like someone was gunning the weed eater, but I tried hard not to pay attention, and called the daughter to see if she would like to snuggle with me. Of course, she said yes, because 1. my bed is huge, 2. my bed is soft, and 3. I have fluffier covers! rolleyes.gif The lawnmower is sounding worse, and I said to the daughter “that lawnmower sounds sick”. She agreed, and we laid down and began chatting like moms and daughters do. Then all of a sudden, the lawnmower just stopped. Now you must understand that my husband is not mechanically inclined, and whenever something breaks, he immediately comes to me. I grew up with a mechanical father, and he taught me some things, but I think my kids drained every last drop of it all out through the womb! So, I looked at the daughter and said “dad will come in here and say the lawnmower is broken, and I will tell him that the gas has water in it and he needs to put an additive in it. Sure enough, we heard footsteps on the porch, and the door opened. I gave her a knowing smile. Up the stairs he came, and the daughter grinned back at me. However, what proceeded out of his mouth was not what I was expecting. He said “dear, ~~I tossed the daughter another smile~~ where is the blade for the mower?” I said “what???”just a bit bewildered. He said “I have been mowing for 20 minutes and I noticed that the grass didn’t look any different, so I wondered if there was something wrong with the mower. I looked under the deck and there isn’t a blade under there” at this point he is miffed because I am laughing. It seems that the last time the boy went over to his grandpa’s, he took the mower blade to be sharpened, and just hadn’t put it back on yet because he didn’t want it to rust.

Have you mowed your lawn yet?  if not, you just might want to check your blade.

March 30th

The boy got his first paycheck today. He was so cute/funny with it. He said to me “it feels so good to work again” and I asked him if he enjoyed getting a paycheck. He said yes he did. And the first thing that he has purchased with it………..a cell phone! phone.gif  rolleyes.gif

I have been  sickbed.gif  all day.  I have been taking Zicam like clockwork, and it hasn’t gone to my head, just my throat.  I really sound awful.  How do I know?  Because my loving family has told me so!

We are going to mom and dad’s for Easter.   They always hide the kids Easter baskets in the house, and it is something that they always look forward to, every year.  Truth be told, so do I.   Do you have any special traditions for Easter?

March 29th


Today I find myself totally, firmly, and wholeheartedly  in possession




I don’t want it!

I am not thankful!!!

I didn’t ask for it, and I want to give it back to the person responsible for giving it to me.  If I knew who it was, believe me I would give it back!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, and the daughter and I took a nap outside on our back deck in the sun.  I could have definitely slept longer.  The daughter went out later and slept for another hour.   This was after our tea party.  She is so enamored with tea, tea parties, tea cakes, tea pots and tea cups.

Have you ever been to a proper tea?

March 28th

The daughter and I attended a lecture on tea this afternoon.  It was lovely.  I sat there bemoaning the fact that I forgot my camera.  If I hadn’t, then I could have gotten pictures of the daughter putting leftover scones in her purse.  Yes, you heard correctly.  My daughter pocketed 3 mini scones.   They were ours, but she was hilarious!  She said to me “do you dare me to pocket ’em” I said “I double-dog dare you!” so into her purse they went.  Here is what we had….

~avocado bacon on rye toast points {we scraped off the avocado/bacon filling and ate it.  Rye bread= sick.gif}

~chicken salad on whole grain bread {yummy!}

~cherry cream cheese on cinnamon bread{this was good except there was raisins in the bread sick.gif}

~cucumber tea hearts {yummy~}

~assorted mini-pastries


~petite scones with Devonshire cream and lemon curd {the daughter just eats the lemon curd right out of the container! }

~Green Country tea {this tasted like grass~}

~Strawberry/Raspberry tea

~Macadamia Vanilla tea{my favorite}

~Serene Dream tea

We really had a great time.  It wore the daughter out, but I am glad that we went.

March 27th

A friend of mine called today. It was so very good to hear from her. It was wonderful to chat with her and just to forget about my worries for a bit. Thanks for calling!!! hug2.gif
School is going better than I thought for the boy. I was concerned that since his job is during the morning and early afternoon, that we might struggle to get school done, or that he wouldn’t have enough brain left to do school with after work, but he is doing really well, and I am very proud of him.

The boy took another picture for me. I photoshopped this one too. I have been spending way to much time photoshopping pictures. I wish I knew more about it.

***edited to say that the picture decided to run off to cyberspace with the dish and the spoon, never to be seen again!***

Isn’t spring the most wonderful time of the year? Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

March 26th

Spring has sprung in my yard. The boy went out and took this picture for me.


Today was a boring, normal day. Everyone needs a boring, normal day every so often. I need them more often than not.
I figured up today that we have about 4-7 weeks left for school of this year. 4 weeks in most subjects, except that most beloved subject….

algebra gunfire.gif will go on and on and on for 7 horrendous more weeks. I always liked school growing up. My sister and I would play school in the summer, and I couldn’t wait to get new pencils, paper and notebooks for the coming year. Everything was all fresh and clean and new. What was your favorite subject?