Feb. 26th

I am a woman who thrives on structure.  So, even though it was nice for the kiddos to be gone, it was so much nicer to get back to our routine.  So nice to hear the chatter of them over breakfast dishes, or grumbling over school.

I installed this cool thing from Firefox…..they had some updates of some such, and one was a weather thingie.  I love it.  It tells me the current temperature and weather for the next 2 days.   They also had quite a few more, but I really didn’t know what all of them were for, so I only downloaded a couple.  My favorite, though, is the weather thing.   It is cloudy and 34º here in my town.

The boy is totally frustrated and almost defeated by his inability of getting a job.  He has put in application after application, and still…….nothing.   It is beginning to wear on him.  Today he put in an application at a feed store for summer help, unloading feed trucks.

I finished the sock……….it looks awful.  It was so huge around the ankle, that I began to decrease around the instep……the instep fits better, but I am so very seriously thinking of chucking it.   The husband however, is going to be so thrilled that I have one finished and the second one started that I seriously doubt that he will allow it.  I am almost positive that I can get 3 socks out of the yarn I have, sooooooo maybe I will be able to chuck it.   I won’t even take a picture of it……..it is just AWFUL!

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8 thoughts on “Feb. 26th”

  1. Your rubbing off on me. I bought MORE new sock yarn today. Its called Austermann and has Jojoba and Aloe Vera in the wool. Its fine wool, 75% virgin wool. I love it. Will send photo’s when done. So far just the cuffs tonight.

    Good your husband is excited!

  2. I’m sorry that the boy hasn’t been able to find a job. That can be discouraging. Please let him know that I’ll be praying that the right job will reveal itself to him.

    Sorry about the sock. Is it the one for DH?

  3. Yes, the sock is for the husband. He loves it. When he got home from work last night he tried it on, and wouldn’t take it off. He almost had a fit when I told him I was chucking it. Maybe that is why he didn’t want to take it off, he was afraid that I was going to throw it out right then.

  4. I am also in the ‘strive with structure’ camp. 🙂 I would be so lost without a structured day!

    I hope the boy finds a job soon. He is so good at what he does! They don’t know what they are missing!

  5. 😆 I’m still snickering over the image of your Dh shouting you’ll never take it alive as he takes off down the hallway with one sock on and you running behind him shouting I’ll unravel that sock and your whole darn leg too if you dop’t get back here and let me fix it.

    Sorry, vivid imagination.
    I hope the boy finds the right job soon. He’s such a good kid, these people who keep rejecting him must be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  6. I sure your sock isn’t that bad!!! I am sorry he is having such a hard time… my son is going through the same thing. thanks for your encouragement… it always means so much!!

  7. Despite the imperfections he loves his sock. You could always make a 3rd sock anyway, I know you’re just lovin’ working in brown. (lol)

    I’m sorry that your son can not find a anyone hiring. 😦

    You are going to have to get over that structure thing. When the kids are away, momma can play!! I don’t know what that means, but it rhymes.

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