Feb. 25th

So, I am going to pick up the daughter.. driving.gif and this “kid/man” passed me in one of those little Honda, tricked out 3 cylinder, sitting almost on the ground cars.   I didn’t care.   I was doing the speed limit, and I am working hard on being a good girl.   However, once in a blue moon~for smiles and giggles~and ONLY when I know my car can humiliate the other, I get a little ornery.  biggrin.gif  So, the light is red, and I stop on the line……he is just a a bit behind me.  I think to myself…”he is going to inch up and try to beat me off the  line”.   So, I smile real big when he does.    Light turns green, and I floor it….giggling all the way.  When I hit 60 I backed off, and he caught up with me…….his poor motor making a zzzzzzzzzzzing noise.  Poor boy….I know he saw me laughing, and for that………I almost feel bad……almost!   It sooooo made my day!!!

In other news, the boy is back from skiing.  He had a blast.  He wore his hat, and everyone thought it was “cool”.  They all wanted to know where he got his.  biggrin.gif

The daughter is home as well.  She looks so beautiful.  Mom and dad spoiled her, of course.  I am so glad that they do that.  Everyone needs to be spoiled by their grandparents.  Mom bought her a new coat, 2 pair of shoes, socks, a bag, change purse, 2 things from bath and body, and a necklace.

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9 thoughts on “Feb. 25th”

  1. That’s so funny, I can imagine you doing that. 😀 So the boy wore his hat? I’m not surprised, it’s a nice looking hat. That was sweet of your parents to buy your girl some new things. 🙂 I’m just really glad the kids were elsewhere while you were drag racing. LOL!!!!

  2. Oh the mental picture I have! (You gunning it and leaving a teenager in your dust) 😆
    Grandparents were made for spoiling grandchildren. It’s their reward for making it through parenthood. Or as the saying goes, “If I’d have known grandkids were so much fun, I’d have had them first.”

  3. 😆

    Yep, I can see you doing this. My DH is the same way, but he’ll do it in a car that doesn’t look like it should be on the road in the first place…..Kids, gotta love them no matter what their age.

    Glad everyone had a good weekend. Glad that the boy wore and got compliments on the hat made w/love. Glad the girl got spoiled by grandma & grandpa…I’m sure everyone won in that situataion.

  4. Oh Tanya…..i don’t know why that doesn’t come as any surprise……Sounds like the kids had a good time and that you had some quiet time with Brad…..

    Glad your weekend went so well…..you, you speed demon….lol

  5. That is so funny you beat the kid/man and laughed! I’ve done this on very rare occasions….in the red mini-van (which happens to have a rather powerful engine…but that is a secret). :mrgreen:

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