Feb. 22nd

Tressa got her package today.  Now I can post a picture of her socks.   I am so glad that she got it so soon.  I was afraid that the truffles that the boy made for her would melt.

im000811.JPG Tressa has been such a HUGE help to the boy and I trying to figure out Algebra.  If it wasn’t for her, we would have been sunk, months ago.   Bless you my dear!!!

Either I haven’t been sleeping well, or I am just not sleeping long enough….but I fell asleep during the DVD of WWII, and it was at a good part!   So, tonight…..I don’t think I am going to wait up for the husband, and just go to bed early…..or I might knit~blush.gif

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16 thoughts on “Feb. 22nd”

  1. I love that shade of blue. They look so snuggly. Do you do socks with one of those bendy needles or three or four? (Gee, way to get technical huh? Bendy….I may be a brunette now but I was blonde until I was 16)

  2. Yes, Kirs is modeling them. She and Tressa have the same size foot. I used 5 double pointed needles to make those socks. I also like the circular needles. Now that I have used both of them……knitting with 2 straight needles is almost impossible for me to do.

  3. ““Donegal tweed is just a term for cloth (or yarn!) with random colored specks throughout. You know. Tweedy. ”

    OOooh. I thought it was done by some gal”
    Oh good grief! Applie, you and my husband would get a long great. You have the same sense of humour….. 😆

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