Feb. 20th

I am very tired tonight.  Emotionally and physically.

I haven’t heard anything from the doctor’s office, yet, regarding the daughter’s sono.  I am going to call them first thing in the morning.  She seemed to be in a lot of pain tonight.

It was warmer today.  I went outside and busted up some ice/snow/slushy stuff.   The water was running along the curb…so I chopped away at the ice/snow in that area to help it run freer.  I thought of my dad as I did this.  He is always looking for a way to make things run smoother/freer.   It was fun.  It was so nice to be outside, doing some physical labor, and not being so bundled up that you can not move.  I worked till the handle on my snow shovel broke.  Spring is on its way…..and I am so very ready.

yawn.gif going to bed now…

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7 thoughts on “Feb. 20th”

  1. Tanya, I’m sorry you are still waiting for the results of that sonogram. What on earth are they waiting for?!? I hope you get an answer in the morning. Kirs is in my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry….I remember how tedious it was waiting for those results. Know that we are still praying for your family…..We love you.

    I’m glad you were able to spend some time outside…tomorrow is supposed to be even prettier I believe…all though it is raining here….

  3. I know what you mean about it feeling good to do some physical labor. I’ve always enjoyed breaking up the ice 🙂 something so freeing about that work. Sorry about the shovel breaking.

  4. Oh darn, I was hoping you had results. I’ve been thinking about it for two days now, wondering. I hope they can find an answer soon, poor girl. They’re certainly taking their own sweet time.

  5. From experience I can say no news is good news, that said hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Nothing worst then unexplained pain.

    Isn’t the warmer weather wonderful. Feels like spring here today. Drip,drip! Love it.

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