Feb. 19th

The stubbornness of some people! The boy and I just finished pushing a lady out of the snow/ice/slush. She didn’t want us to. dunno.gif I couldn’t believe it. She had been working at it for well over 15 minutes and it had gotten her nowhere. After we went out, she got out of her car, tried to dig her tires out with her feet, and tried again. I finally said “you are not going to get out unless we push you out.” She FINALLY decided to let us help. She gave me a hug and thanked me. The boy did the most pushing though. Poor woman! When the boy changed his bed pants, he said he had bits of rubber stuck to his leg! omg2.gif

I am 2/3 rds finished with the sock. I had the boy try it on so I could get a picture. Isn’t his foot so cute??? biggrin.gif

im0008681.JPG I wasn’t going to continue the stripes around the foot, but then I thought that it would look weird, so…..I continued the stripes.

I talked with ma today. She said that Grams is doing much better. Getting stronger every day. I was going to call Andra, but I forgot…blush.gif I was not a good sister today.

Edited to add…..

I just tried to call the sister. She was in a meeting, but sounded good.

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6 thoughts on “Feb. 19th”

  1. You are a good neighbor but what in the world was the runner on the boys pants???

    I don’t think it would look strange to not have the stripe on the foot of the sock, I’ve seen the before. However I would think that you would hat the sock even more w/o them. 😆

    Glad to hear the Grams is doing better. Question: What in the world was your sister doing in a meeting w/her health problems????

  2. Yep, the sock looks great and of course the foot is cute, it’s attached to very handsome young man!

    Good to hear that your sister is doing so much better. (And Grams)

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