Feb. 18th

Updates~~ my sister is at home.  Banged and bruised, and her liver is bruised as well.   She said her car is pretty banged up as well.  I guess her kind of car does not have a rear axle, but spindles that the tire is on, and that is what she broke.

Today was a great day.  It was the last day that I did power point.   What a relief!!!  We also had a carry-in-dinner at church, so I didn’t have to cook!!banana.gif  After we got home, we played 2 games of Clue.  The daughter won them both!!! Then I knitted……….and knitted……..and knitted!!!  We also watched more of the WWII documentaries.  However, we figured out at DVD #4 that there are 3 programs on each DVD, and we had only been watching 1….rolleyes.gif so we are going to go back and watch what we missed….

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5 thoughts on “Feb. 18th”

  1. I love the game clue. Was going to buy it till I saw the price$$. We played Cranium today. What a blast. My youngest daughter and I won but only because I can spell long words backwards( who knew?) and am a good drawer and my daughter has a good imagination and can guess what I am drawing. Oh who am I kidding! We won on luck only. You still knitting that brown sock?

    Glad to hear you sister is home. You must be relieved.

  2. Thank the Lord! I am so pleased your sister is okay.

    I’ve done that with DVD’s before. There I was, talking about how we must have got a dud DVD because we missed some episodes…..turns out I only watched one on each disc. (There were two) just call me MUD. 😆

  3. It’s been a while since I checked in. Your daughter’s embroidery is stunning! Wow! And they looked so sweet in the kitchen. 😀

    I am glad Grams is at home, and sorry to hear about your sister! Wow! It has been a rough winter for you and your family!

    Hugs and prayers!

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