Feb. 16th

Wow!  Today went by very quickly.

I took the daughter to get her ultrasound done today.   Doc said that he won’t have the results till at least Monday.   The results determine where we go from there.   After that, the daughter wanted to go to Walmart, so we did, and then home.

I finished the sock, but since it is for someone who reads this, I will not be posting a picture till she has it.  I want it to be a surprise! biggrin1.gif

I chatted with my mother.  She said that Grams is doing well.  She is still weak, but getting better.  We were going to go see her tomorrow, but ma hinted that she didn’t think that Grams could handle company right now, so we will see how she is doing by next Saturday.

For supper, we had a home made bbq chicken, bacon and onion pizza on a sour dough crust.  I don’t think we will be using the sour dough for pizza crusts anymore…

cry.gif  The forums are finally shut down.  Such a sad day for us all.  So many lives touching each other.  So many friendships made.  All of these ladies have influence me greatly.  They have all made me better.

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8 thoughts on “Feb. 16th”

  1. HUGS!

    I am so tired right now but wanted to see how it went at the dr’s. I guess I will be waiting anxiously till Monday… phooey!

    Your dinner sounds yummy! Is that in the recipes here? (drool drool)

    Glad your Grandma is doing well.

    I must go sleep now- tomorrow is Brendan’s party and I have lots to do in the morning.

    Will check in again as soon as I can… until then… God Bless You & Yours!


    Donna Michelle

    (PS- hug your cat for me… bwaaahaaahaaaa j/k ya know I luv ya!)

  2. It’s been quite the week for you, Tanya. I’ve slept quite deeply the last couple of nights – nothing keeping me awake 😉

    I’ll keep Grams and Kirs in my prayers for healing.

  3. I am praying for Kirs and your Grammie.
    Do let us all know how Kirs is. Please. (We all come to be so fond of each others children, even in a short time.)

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