The daugher has been doing a lot of embroidery here lately.  She began it when she wanted to make something special for her great Grandma for Christmas.  Then, when she became ill, that was about all she had energy for.  Here is what she has done.  She is going to put them in her hope chest~which is a cardboard box at the moment~

This is the first one that she did.im0008521.JPG

Here is the second one.


The third…im0008541.JPG

The forth… This one is in honor of me………I wonder why…. 🙂


The fifth…and my favorite…im0008561.JPG

The sixth…im0008571.JPG

and the 7th…im0008581.JPG

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  1. Wonderful! My Dd who is sick today leant over and said, wow, those are pretty Mum. Can I do something like that? You can tell Kirs she ignited inspiration on the otherside of the world.

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