Feb. 10th

What an interesting day today.  I took the boy to drop off the cheesecake……man did I hate to see that thing leave our posession…  It looked sooooo good!!!  We came back home, picked up the daughter and away we went to see Grams.

The boy and his grandpa….doublebuddies.

Grams looked good, but weak.  She is such a special lady.  I love her so much.  We visited awhile, then we~the parents~myself and the kiddos went to lunch.  We luncheoned at Applebee’s.  The food was good, but it was also nice just chatting with the parents.   talking.gif  I wanted to stay a bit later, but the husband was going to be home from work at 2:30, so we had to leave so I could get home.driving.gif  The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful except that the BIL and his wife came over for a brief time.scared4.gif  I am tired.

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  1. Just wanted to check in on your blog. Drop me a line sometime, I want to know about Google Groups. Let me know. I miss all of you

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