Feb. 28th

This morning was wonderful. My walk was filled with bird song. I am so happy that spring is on its way. pink3.gif I can not believe that today is the last day of February!!!

The daughter made Eggs Benedict for me for breakfast. It is my favorite way to eat eggs. She made a perfect hollandaise sauce, which tickled her, and rankled the boy. Last night they were being very furtive in the kitchen, so I snapped a picture. im0008871.JPG

School went well, and we did a “broccoli and cheese sauce” lab today. Not the most favorite thing to do, but they did the cheese sauce well.

While I was on the phone with a friend, I was making pizza. It wasn’t turning out. Melanie has inspired me to make beautiful pizzas, but this is what I ended up with….im000900.JPG

Regardless of how it looks, it tasted good.  The boy’s apple pie was delicious, we had it ala mode.  The best way to eat apple pie.   The boy, and I would have to agree, thinks that my mom makes the BEST apple pie in the world.  He asked me “how does Grandma make it so good?”  I said, “I don’t know, son, but I am sure if you asked her, she would let you watch her make one, and then you can find out.”   That is the best way to learn……by watching.


Feb. 27th

The boy made a fabulous apple pie today.  We are not going to taste it, though because it is so juicy, it really needs to set up before we cut into it.  Now the boy is in a “mood”.    I hate it when he acts like his mom!!!

The husband has Tuesday nights off from his second job.  We played Boggle tonight.  I won all 3 games.

I get to go to bed early tonight as the husband is home…..I am so excited.  Actually after I post this, then I will tuck the kiddos in and go to bed.

I received the sweetest invitation to go to tea with my daughter…her treat…today.  So we went to the Serenity Tea House………closed.  Then we thought of another place, The English Ivy, that is very similar to the Tea House………closed.  So we then thought of the Sweet Shop in Roscoe Village……..it has been closed since Dec. 31st.   By this time, I was giggling so hard, and the daughter was half laughing, half frustrated because she wanted to go some where nice.   We ended up at the Coffee Company.  I got something warm but gross, and the daughter got something warm but good.   I wish I could make good choices at a coffee shop.  I think I am hopeless!   We had a lovely time together.  She gave me a card telling me how much she loves me and appreciates me.  wub.gif

I had a great day.

Feb. 26th

I am a woman who thrives on structure.  So, even though it was nice for the kiddos to be gone, it was so much nicer to get back to our routine.  So nice to hear the chatter of them over breakfast dishes, or grumbling over school.

I installed this cool thing from Firefox…..they had some updates of some such, and one was a weather thingie.  I love it.  It tells me the current temperature and weather for the next 2 days.   They also had quite a few more, but I really didn’t know what all of them were for, so I only downloaded a couple.  My favorite, though, is the weather thing.   It is cloudy and 34º here in my town.

The boy is totally frustrated and almost defeated by his inability of getting a job.  He has put in application after application, and still…….nothing.   It is beginning to wear on him.  Today he put in an application at a feed store for summer help, unloading feed trucks.

I finished the sock……….it looks awful.  It was so huge around the ankle, that I began to decrease around the instep……the instep fits better, but I am so very seriously thinking of chucking it.   The husband however, is going to be so thrilled that I have one finished and the second one started that I seriously doubt that he will allow it.  I am almost positive that I can get 3 socks out of the yarn I have, sooooooo maybe I will be able to chuck it.   I won’t even take a picture of it……..it is just AWFUL!

Feb. 25th

So, I am going to pick up the daughter.. driving.gif and this “kid/man” passed me in one of those little Honda, tricked out 3 cylinder, sitting almost on the ground cars.   I didn’t care.   I was doing the speed limit, and I am working hard on being a good girl.   However, once in a blue moon~for smiles and giggles~and ONLY when I know my car can humiliate the other, I get a little ornery.  biggrin.gif  So, the light is red, and I stop on the line……he is just a a bit behind me.  I think to myself…”he is going to inch up and try to beat me off the  line”.   So, I smile real big when he does.    Light turns green, and I floor it….giggling all the way.  When I hit 60 I backed off, and he caught up with me…….his poor motor making a zzzzzzzzzzzing noise.  Poor boy….I know he saw me laughing, and for that………I almost feel bad……almost!   It sooooo made my day!!!

In other news, the boy is back from skiing.  He had a blast.  He wore his hat, and everyone thought it was “cool”.  They all wanted to know where he got his.  biggrin.gif

The daughter is home as well.  She looks so beautiful.  Mom and dad spoiled her, of course.  I am so glad that they do that.  Everyone needs to be spoiled by their grandparents.  Mom bought her a new coat, 2 pair of shoes, socks, a bag, change purse, 2 things from bath and body, and a necklace.

Feb. 24th

What a lovely day I had.  I woke up at 3:30 this morning, but was able to get back to sleep till 4:55 when I had to get up to take the boy to the church for the youth group’s annual ski trip.  He had to be there at 5:15.   Needless to say, I am sleepy now.

The husband and I had a lovely day doing nothing.  Well, he put in a new faucet in the upstairs bathroom.  It finally decided that it just didn’t want to shut off.  It was one of those round ball jobbies.  I much prefer the 2 sided ones.  Cold on one side and hot on the other.  That is what is in now.  We then watched some more of the WWII documentary.  I learned some interesting things that my history teacher never told me about the war.

This evening our 4×4 group met.  A 4×4 group is something that our church does to promote fellowship.  4 different families meet 4 months in a row.  We hosted last month.  Tonight we went to an Amish home.  They fed us a huge spread.   The food was standard Amish fare, but I was disappointed.  I have had much better Amish cooking.  I make better food than this……….except the dressing.  It was superb!  We have a very interesting mix of couples this time.  There are 3 of us with very strong personalities.  The 2 of us ladies are really working on our tongues, being tactful, etc.  The man…….he could care less.   He even tried to start an arguement with the husband.  If any of you know the husband, then you know that it is a difficult thing.  I finally had to nudge him under the table so he would just let it go.  It wasn’t worth it.

I now am going to go to bed, and sleep in!

Feb. 23rd

The sun shone today……..I love sunshine……glorious sunshine.   It chases the blues away.  It melts snow and ice.  It causes all things green to grow!

I took the daughter to my parents to spend the weekend, and the boy is going skiing VERY early tomorrow as well.  I have to have him at the church at 5:15 am!  They will ski all day Saturday, then go to the hotel Sat. evening.  Sunday they will have church, then come home.  This is the 4th year for the boy to go, and he looks forward to it every year.

Oh……the possibilities of a day…….without children.biggrin.gif

Feb. 22nd

Tressa got her package today.  Now I can post a picture of her socks.   I am so glad that she got it so soon.  I was afraid that the truffles that the boy made for her would melt.

im000811.JPG Tressa has been such a HUGE help to the boy and I trying to figure out Algebra.  If it wasn’t for her, we would have been sunk, months ago.   Bless you my dear!!!

Either I haven’t been sleeping well, or I am just not sleeping long enough….but I fell asleep during the DVD of WWII, and it was at a good part!   So, tonight…..I don’t think I am going to wait up for the husband, and just go to bed early…..or I might knit~blush.gif

Feb. 21

I had so many things that I was going to put in here tonight, but it has all gone……swoosh………right out of my brain. It shouldn’t have. I went to bed last night about 7:30 and woke up at 4 when the husband’s alarm went off…..

To recap my day……I treadmill.gif, I school_whats_new.gif, and I knit.gif. I also dealt with a very…very attitudy child! rant.gif

The daughter picked up my 1929 copy of Julius Ceaser and began reading it!shock_o_rama.gif Not only reading it, but enjoying it. The book was my grandmother’s when she was in school, and she has made notes in the margins. I think those notes are helping the daughter to understand it.

I got a free sample of lotion in the mail today. It is St. Ives Mineral Therapy…..and it smells wonderful! I like a thick, non-greasy lotion that smells good, and this one fits the bill. It will also keep the husband from using my good stuff. My good stuff is Bath and Body’s Breath line called Soothing Vanilla Milk……it smells heavenly and is soooo wonderful. I get this for birthday’s and Christmas…..I just love it!!!

The sono came back normal for the daughter.  Now I am kind of scratching my head as to what to do next.  The girl is still in a lot of pain….

Feb. 20th

I am very tired tonight.  Emotionally and physically.

I haven’t heard anything from the doctor’s office, yet, regarding the daughter’s sono.  I am going to call them first thing in the morning.  She seemed to be in a lot of pain tonight.

It was warmer today.  I went outside and busted up some ice/snow/slushy stuff.   The water was running along the curb…so I chopped away at the ice/snow in that area to help it run freer.  I thought of my dad as I did this.  He is always looking for a way to make things run smoother/freer.   It was fun.  It was so nice to be outside, doing some physical labor, and not being so bundled up that you can not move.  I worked till the handle on my snow shovel broke.  Spring is on its way…..and I am so very ready.

yawn.gif going to bed now…

Feb. 19th

The stubbornness of some people! The boy and I just finished pushing a lady out of the snow/ice/slush. She didn’t want us to. dunno.gif I couldn’t believe it. She had been working at it for well over 15 minutes and it had gotten her nowhere. After we went out, she got out of her car, tried to dig her tires out with her feet, and tried again. I finally said “you are not going to get out unless we push you out.” She FINALLY decided to let us help. She gave me a hug and thanked me. The boy did the most pushing though. Poor woman! When the boy changed his bed pants, he said he had bits of rubber stuck to his leg! omg2.gif

I am 2/3 rds finished with the sock. I had the boy try it on so I could get a picture. Isn’t his foot so cute??? biggrin.gif

im0008681.JPG I wasn’t going to continue the stripes around the foot, but then I thought that it would look weird, so…..I continued the stripes.

I talked with ma today. She said that Grams is doing much better. Getting stronger every day. I was going to call Andra, but I forgot…blush.gif I was not a good sister today.

Edited to add…..

I just tried to call the sister. She was in a meeting, but sounded good.

Feb. 18th

Updates~~ my sister is at home.  Banged and bruised, and her liver is bruised as well.   She said her car is pretty banged up as well.  I guess her kind of car does not have a rear axle, but spindles that the tire is on, and that is what she broke.

Today was a great day.  It was the last day that I did power point.   What a relief!!!  We also had a carry-in-dinner at church, so I didn’t have to cook!!banana.gif  After we got home, we played 2 games of Clue.  The daughter won them both!!! Then I knitted……….and knitted……..and knitted!!!  We also watched more of the WWII documentaries.  However, we figured out at DVD #4 that there are 3 programs on each DVD, and we had only been watching 1….rolleyes.gif so we are going to go back and watch what we missed….

Feb. 17th

I got a phone call this afternoon saying that my sister had wrecked her car. Her liver has a tear in it, and was bleeding. They took her to St. Louis to St. John’s, so that if it begins to bleed again, they will be able to repair it. I pray it doesn’t. I am concerned for her. Really wishing I could be there for her! sigh…….

I have been up since 5:26 AM. I just couldn’t get back to sleep, so I came downstairs and began knitting on the husband’s sock. He wanted it to be brown……and not just any shade would do. It is poop brown. I began knitting and knitting and I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I had to give myself something to look forward to…..blue stripes!  A friend suggested pink heels and toes. I don’t think he would appreciate that…giggle!


I have more than twice as much done on it. It is worsted weight, and I am using size 6 DPN’s, so they are knitting up pretty quickly. He wants them to wear to bed. I know that I couldn’t handle size zero needles and that color of brown! grossedout.gif

This evening we began watching BBC’s The History of WWII. There are some things that I had no clue about. Very interesting…like Hitler went to jail twice before he came to power.

I sure hope my sister will be alright.

Feb. 16th

Wow!  Today went by very quickly.

I took the daughter to get her ultrasound done today.   Doc said that he won’t have the results till at least Monday.   The results determine where we go from there.   After that, the daughter wanted to go to Walmart, so we did, and then home.

I finished the sock, but since it is for someone who reads this, I will not be posting a picture till she has it.  I want it to be a surprise! biggrin1.gif

I chatted with my mother.  She said that Grams is doing well.  She is still weak, but getting better.  We were going to go see her tomorrow, but ma hinted that she didn’t think that Grams could handle company right now, so we will see how she is doing by next Saturday.

For supper, we had a home made bbq chicken, bacon and onion pizza on a sour dough crust.  I don’t think we will be using the sour dough for pizza crusts anymore…

cry.gif  The forums are finally shut down.  Such a sad day for us all.  So many lives touching each other.  So many friendships made.  All of these ladies have influence me greatly.  They have all made me better.

Feb. 15th

*sung to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on a Railroad*

I’ve been knitting on a blue sock, all my live long days,

I’ve been knitting on  a blue sock, just to pass the time away…..wacko1.gif

I am almost finished with said sock. I am hoping to get a good portion of it finished up tonight. After the kiddos go to bed, I will finish watching National Treasure. For some reason, noise in the background helps me knit faster.

Today was rather uneventful. The husband was home again today, due to the weather. We did school, I ran some errands, and beat the husband in a game of Hands and Feet. biggrin.gif

It was good to get out of the house. The roads are horrible. Generally, this town does very good at keeping the roads decent, but not this storm. Of course, the ice is a good 1-2 inches thick. Everywhere I went people were chopping away at it. The sidewalk in front of our house is the only one on our entire street that doesn’t have ice on it. I insisted that the husband clear it yesterday morning, sprinkling salt on it before the sleet came. He did a wonderful job of it.

I spoke with my sister tonight. I love it when she calls. I miss her so much! I will be so very happy when I see her again!

I made ham and bean soup tonight with corn bread. It was good. However…………I have so many leftovers from this week, the next few days we will be eating leftovers, and no more cooking till they are gone!!!clap.gif


The daugher has been doing a lot of embroidery here lately.  She began it when she wanted to make something special for her great Grandma for Christmas.  Then, when she became ill, that was about all she had energy for.  Here is what she has done.  She is going to put them in her hope chest~which is a cardboard box at the moment~

This is the first one that she did.im0008521.JPG

Here is the second one.


The third…im0008541.JPG

The forth… This one is in honor of me………I wonder why…. 🙂


The fifth…and my favorite…im0008561.JPG

The sixth…im0008571.JPG

and the 7th…im0008581.JPG

Feb. 14th~Valentines Day~

Happy Valentines Day!!

Today dawned bright and early…………and icy!im0008501.JPG If you look closely at the back window, you can see where the husband worked for a good 10 minutes to clear that small bit of ice off!

The children spent their time writing.gif and I spent my time phone.gif and knit.gif.

I am about 2/3rds of the way finished with my sock. I am so excited about it. I can not wait for the recipient to receive them!!!


As you have previously read, the boy made a cheesecake for the Chocolate Extravaganza. It was auctioned off…..we received an email from the sponsors of the event…

Your cheesecake was beautiful and much admired. It brought the second highest price in the auction. $45.
I am sooooooo proud of the boy, I am bursting inside!

I am also pleased to report that Grams came home yesterday.  That is a good thing!

Feb. 13th

Today we celebrated Valentines Day. We did this because the husband’s only night off is Tuesday’s. However, in hindsight, we could have done it tomorrow as the weather is just awful, and the husband most likely won’t be going to work tomorrow. We got 4-5 inches and then a good 1/2 inch of ice on top of that.

Anyway, I set the table this morning, using a twin flat sheet and the daughter made the heart shaped confetti. im0008431.JPG

The chef.gif boy made sirloin steak, baked potato, corn casserole and Chocolate Carmel Seduction for dessert. im0008481.JPG This was wonderful!!! What a satisfying day!!!

On the knitting front, thinking.gif I have spent a good portion of the last hour or so unknitting….dead.gif. I had finished the heel flap and began to pick up the gusset stitches……and totally forgot to turn the heel! handface.gif. All is fixed now. My eyes are bleary though, and I am so glad that it is time for bed!!! zz_bed.gif

Feb. 12th

It was just another ordinary day in my home.

~got up yawn.gif

~got a shower shower.gif

~went for my daily exercies treadmill.gif

~ate breakfast eat.gif

~started laundrylaundry.gif

~did school school_whats_new.gif

We also did our first lab in home ec class. This was a bit different for the kiddos since they are used to cooking rather free in the kitchen, but for the formal “home ec”, they had to do a lab. They had to write out a detailed explaination of what they were going to do, when, etc. It was great fun watching them make cookies.

Here they are, reading their detailed plan, and making sure that they are keeping their backs to the camera.im0008261.JPG

Kirs is mixing.im0008281.JPG

Dean says Nooo…im0008361.JPG

Washing up…im0008391.JPG

Final product.im0008421.JPG

Oh…they are sooooo good!!!

Feb. 11th

Today is Sunday, so naturally we went to church.  I was rather dreading telling the powers that be, that I was stepping down from my ministry.  I thought that it would look something like….smarty_gets_it.gif, however it was more like hug2.gif so I was very glad of that.

The rest of the day, I plan to knit.  I have a project that I am getting ready to start and it involves a lot of different stitches.  I have gotten several books with different ones in them so I am anxious to get started.

Feb. 10th

What an interesting day today.  I took the boy to drop off the cheesecake……man did I hate to see that thing leave our posession…  It looked sooooo good!!!  We came back home, picked up the daughter and away we went to see Grams.

The boy and his grandpa….doublebuddies.

Grams looked good, but weak.  She is such a special lady.  I love her so much.  We visited awhile, then we~the parents~myself and the kiddos went to lunch.  We luncheoned at Applebee’s.  The food was good, but it was also nice just chatting with the parents.   talking.gif  I wanted to stay a bit later, but the husband was going to be home from work at 2:30, so we had to leave so I could get home.driving.gif  The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful except that the BIL and his wife came over for a brief time.scared4.gif  I am tired.